Welcome Our New Residents!


CubHelp us welcome our newest residents! We have SIX new tiger additions to our family, including three beautiful tiger cubs. All came from a private zoo in Wisconsin that closed down due to loss of permits and licensing. The Feline Conservation Federation contacted us a little while back to see if we could help some of these animals find new forever homes.

Last October, the owner of the private zoo came to tour our sanctuary and talk to Curt, our executive director/curator. We are extremely thankful that the owner decided to let give these six animals a forever home! Last week, Curt and John, a Catty Shack volunteer, drove 3,000 miles to pick up all the tigers and bring them to the ranch. It cost almost $2,000, but it was worth it!

The three youngest tigers, one girl and two boys, were born December 2, 2012 and are currently unnamed. They will be known by their colors (they have colored collars) – “pink,” “blue,” and “red” – until they receive names. All three are currently getting used to their new home, so they will not be available for public viewing until they get a bit older. Don’t worry – we’ll let you know when you can come see them! Until then, keep checking our website, newsletter, and facebook to see updates and pictures of these cute guys!

The three older tigers, all sisters, were born August 14, 2011, and are 17 months old. Runty (a white Siberian tiger), Sprout, and Star have been moved into their new habitat and will be available for public viewing beginning this Saturday, January 26!

We would also like to thank Nikki Kimbleton of WJXT! This morning, she helped debut our new residents to the rest of Jacksonville. In case you missed it, click here to view the video!