Welcome Our New Residents!


CubHelp us welcome our newest residents! We have SIX new tiger additions to our family, including three beautiful tiger cubs. All came from a private zoo in Wisconsin that closed down due to loss of permits and licensing. The Feline Conservation Federation contacted us a little while back to see if we could help some of these animals find new forever homes.

Last October, the owner of the private zoo came to tour our sanctuary and talk to Curt, our executive director/curator. We are extremely thankful that the owner decided to let give these six animals a forever home! Last week, Curt and John, a Catty Shack volunteer, drove 3,000 miles to pick up all the tigers and bring them to the ranch. It cost almost $2,000, but it was worth it!

The three youngest tigers, one girl and two boys, were born December 2, 2012 and are currently unnamed. They will be known by their colors (they have colored collars) – “pink,” “blue,” and “red” – until they receive names. All three are currently getting used to their new home, so they will not be available for public viewing until they get a bit older. Don’t worry – we’ll let you know when you can come see them! Until then, keep checking our website, newsletter, and facebook to see updates and pictures of these cute guys!

The three older tigers, all sisters, were born August 14, 2011, and are 17 months old. Runty (a white Siberian tiger), Sprout, and Star have been moved into their new habitat and will be available for public viewing beginning this Saturday, January 26!

We would also like to thank Nikki Kimbleton of WJXT! This morning, she helped debut our new residents to the rest of Jacksonville. In case you missed it, click here to view the video!


1 Erika Grady

It is great to see these little cuties again and to see how much bigger they have gotten since they left Wisconsin! That sassy, little girl stole my heart and all three of them had me wrapped around their cute little paws! Thank you so much for giving them a home for life!!

2 Erika Grady

It was such a privilege and a blessing to have the 6 of these tigers come into my life. The last couple of weeks with the cubs were a dream come true! You are going to have your hands full with that little female cub…she is a little spit fire and sassy!

3 Lauren @ CattyShack

Hi, Erika! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you had the chance to have Runty, Sprout, Star, “pink,” “blue,” and “red” in your life! They are so wonderful, and we are so glad that we were given the chance to give them a forever home. I hope if you ever come to Jacksonville, you get the chance to come visit our sanctuary! Keep an eye out on the website, facebook, & newsletter for updates on all of them! (I have to post a new blog article today, but until I get to it, you can see new pictures of the little girl & boys on our facebook!)

4 Helen White

This is so exciting!! I tell everyone I know and some I don’t! About the Catty Shack and what a great facility you have. I would like to be a volunteer, how do I go about doing that? I’ve given it a lot of thought and I would love to commit time and energy to these wonderful animals and your facility. My email address bookworm41662@yahoo.com for contact.

5 Lauren @ CattyShack

Hi, Helen! Thank you for your support of Catty Shack and letting everyone know about us! We LOVE getting the word out about our animals! We always need new volunteers.

Since you would like to volunteer, we would like if you could attend a volunteer meeting. The next one is Thursday, February 7 at 7:00 PM (at the ranch). You must be at least 18 years old (or, if you are doing “school community service hours,” you may be 16 if you are accompanied by an adult at all times). To be an active volunteer, you must volunteer at least four hours each month. At the meeting, please bring a completed volunteer form, a valid driver’s licence or ID, and $20 (for your shirt & ID badge, which you will receive after volunteering 3 times). You can get more information, along with the volunteer forms on our website at: http://www.cattyshack.org/you-can-help/volunteer/!

Thank you! Let me know if you have any more questions.

6 catlover60

Looks like dear Runty, Star and Sprout have nice home their. Take good care of these special tigers!

7 Lauren @ CattyShack

Hello! Thank you for the sweet words. We love all the new residents!! They are all wonderful and are having a great time adjusting to their new home.

8 cliff

We enjoyed our visit to the CattyShack. Its a shame that people think they are doing the right thing in raising these animals in homes. So nice to see they have a second chance of life at your place. Granddaughter was so impressed. Thanks for the work your’e doing.

9 Lauren @ CattyShack

Thanks, Cliff! We’re glad you enjoyed your visit to our sanctuary! We love what we do, and all the animals have a forever-home with us.

As I’m sure you heard from your tour, our residents come from a variety of situations, including federal and state confiscations, private owners/breeders, and other facilities and private zoos that have come upon hard times and either had to close or couldn’t afford the animals. It’s amazing to think there are about 5,000 tigers in captivity in the US alone, but only 400-500 Siberian tigers in the wild!

I hope you and your granddaughter get the chance to come visit us some more!

10 Anonymous

If the female is a little spitfire, I would name her Spitfire and a male Sporty. They are too cute!! Thanks for all the great work you all do!!

11 Lauren @ CattyShack

Those are some great name suggestions! We’re actually going to be starting up the naming contest February 9 (and it will go through March 31). For $10, you can submit a name and if your name gets chosen, you’ll receive an 8×10 picture of your cub plus a Catty Shack t-shirt! All the money that the contest raises will go to help pay for the cubs (cubs cost almost $60 a day!), habitats, enrichment activities, food, minerals & vitamins, and medical expenses for the animals. We’ll have a link on the website starting February 9 to submit names…and make sure to come out to see the cubs! Their debut weekend is Saturday, February 9 (12 PM – 3 PM) and Sunday, February 10 (1:30 PM – 5:00 PM). We also have a baby shower for them coming up – it will be Saturday, March 9 (12 PM – 3P PM) and Sunday, March 10 (1:30 PM – 5:00 PM).

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