We Welcome a New Resident! You Can Help Name Him!

Friday, October 16th, 2015 0 COMMENTS

white nosed coatimundi
Catty Shack Ranch has a new resident! He is a white-nosed coatimundi that had been a private pet. He was born in early June and has grown a lot since arriving at the Ranch at 8 weeks old.

When he first arrived, we kept him in isolation to protect him and all our other animals. He received vaccinations and vet check-ups just like a puppy or kitten. Now that he is bigger, he lives in the enclosure near Khala Hala and BJ, the leopards. He’ll be neutered when he’s about 6 months old. Ultimately, he may be introduced to Callie, our other coatimundi, to see if they can live together.

He loves to climb and explore his new home, burrowing in his blankets and hunting for delicious insects. He eats raw meat, veggies and lots of fruit. He enjoys cookies and marshmallows as treats, of course.

We’re holding a contest to name our cute new arrival! The fee to submit a name is $10 per name. The winner will receive a photo of the baby coati and a Family VIP Pass for 4 to the Ranch. Best of all, the winner will have bragging rights – how many people have had the honor of naming a coatimundi?!

Come meet our new baby!

Help us name him!

Here’s how it works: Each name suggestion is $5.00. All proceeds go back to our residents at the ranch (for habitats, toys, food, etc.). You may submit as many names as you would like until December 15. After December 15, our Board of Directors and volunteers will meet to decide the final name. As soon as it is agreed upon, we will announce his new name!

Good luck!

**The contest has ended. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the winning name submission!