Volunteer of the Month – November (Pt. 3)

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Every month, the Catty Shack Board of Directors decide on a Volunteer of the Month to give an extra special “thank you” to. This past month, we had three awesome volunteers who “tied” for volunteer of the month! Below, read about Ann – one of November’s winners! Laura and Jake’s bios (our two other winners) were previously posted.

Every one of our volunteers is special to us and we are thankful for all of them – without our volunteers, Catty Shack would not be where are today! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, check out our volunteer page.

AnnName: Ann

When did you start volunteering at Catty Shack? I’ve been at Catty Shack since May 2009.

How did you start volunteering at Catty Shack? I’d heard of Catty Shack and wanted an ‘animal involved’ volunteer activity to fill the time previously spent with my mare, Sidra, who’d passed away the year prior. Kim gave me a tour during one of the public events. Of course, I was enamored by the cats – their beauty, their closeness to the public, the cleanliness of their habitats, the love they gave and received from Kim. Then I saw the horses at the Ranch and had to meet them! Lucy greeted Kim and me. When Lucy put her head on my shoulder, I knew I’d found my niche! I could make a difference for the horses as well as help with the cats. Although today I spend much more time with the cats (and honoraries), Lucy knows exactly where she stands in my heart.

What has been your favorite moment(s) at Catty Shack so far? There have been many favorite moments at Catty Shack. Sarah was the first rescued cat received after I joined the Ranch. Spike and Spiderman taught me not to put the hose directly into an enclosure to fill the pool. Tucker and Al impressed me with their agility and speed the first time I saw a feeding. Nyra played like a domestic cat chasing a rake as we cleaned next door. Talking to Hercules makes anyone feel better. The 5 cubs are the first babies I’ve helped raise and been able to watch grow. Leading tours, sharing our animals and building an appreciation for the cats is so rewarding. I still experience a ‘pinch me, this is real moment’ every time we fill a pool and a grateful tiger hops into the tub, looking at you with happy content eyes. I’ve made a tiger happy and he/she is really this close to me (through the fence)!


Thank you, Ann, for everything you do at Catty Shack!