Volunteer of the Month – April

Friday, April 26th, 2013 2 COMMENTS

Every month, the Catty Shack Board of Directors decide on a Volunteer of the Month to give an extra special “thank you” to. Every one of our volunteers is special to us and we are thankful for all of them – without our volunteers, Catty Shack would not be where are today! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, check out our volunteer page.

VOM LaurenName: Lauren

When did you start volunteering at Catty Shack? My junior year in collegesometime around October ’08.

How did you start volunteering at Catty Shack? In one of my graphic design classes we had to work with a non-profit to make a poster. I chose Catty Shack, and decided I wanted to keep volunteering after my poster project was done. Unfortunately, due to the rigors of school, I disappeared from volunteering for a little while, but was able to start it back up on a regular basis once I was almost done with school.

What has been your favorite moment(s) at Catty Shack so far? One day while helping to turn off water hoses to the tiger pools, I noticed Hercules – one of our white tigers – slinking around in his pool, completely immersed up to his eyes and watching me intently. Once I got close enough to turn off his hose, he decided it was time. Quickly, he jumped out of his pool at just the right angle to drench me. Since then I like to think of him as our “Shark Kitty” – he loves to drench you if he can!


Thank you, Lauren, for everything you do at Catty Shack!