RedBorn: December 2, 2012

Rescued: January 16, 2013

Gender: Male

Classification: Siberian Tiger

Information: “Colby” was acquired from a private zoo in Wisconsin that closed down. He came to Catty Shack with his litter mates “Brie” and “Monterey” and three other tigers – Runty, Sprout and Star.


1 Anonymous

OMG! i LOVE tigers and would love to come to the catty shack im soposed to be going soon well, no promises because my mom said that and she doesnt always stick to her word but i hope she does this time because tigers have been my favorite animal sense i was very little i am only twelve years old now but i have never seen a tiger even though i am COMPLETELY in love with them! anyways i just wanted to know if i could volunteer even though i might be to young i love animals ESPECIALLY tigers and i am also helping out at a safe animal shelter very soon!

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