New & Updated Enclosures

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 3 COMMENTS

New Enclosure

New PlatformsKitty KabinThe cubs are starting to get big and they’ll be moving into their new home soon – that means we have to make sure everything’s in place so they can make themselves at home. To make sure everything is ready for the new residents, Wayne Lee and the A-1 Fence Company have been working tirelessly to get the fencing up around the new enclosure. Check out the new habitat next time you’re out at the Ranch for a tour – you’ll see it by Tal and Nyra’s enclosure.

Our wonderful volunteers have also been working hard to make a new Kitty Kabin for Lex and Tamara and new platforms for Long Tail and No Tail. Our volunteers work hard to make sure our residents have the best den boxes, houses, and platforms possible – it’s a lot of work, but all the animals love when they get new “digs”. We always need volunteers, so if you’re interested in helping build platforms like these (or to do the many other jobs around the Ranch), please check out our “Volunteering” page! We also want to build new Kitty Kabins for many of our residents – if you or your company are interested in sponsoring one, please contact us.


1 William

Could my Boy Scout Troop come out and help with this?!

2 William

Why does it say there are no comments?!

3 Lauren @ CattyShack

Hi William! Somehow your comment got caught in our spam catcher…we’re sorry about that! I am looking into what set our spam catcher off so I can fix it.

We do have boy/girl scout groups come out to help with projects sometimes! I will forward your email to our coordinator dso she can give you more information. Let me know if I can help any more.

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