In Loving Memory of Two White

Friday, March 24th, 2017 1 COMMENTS


Catty Shack Ranch is once again mourning the loss of one of our beloved residents. On February 28, 2017, we lost Two White, one of our black spotted leopards. Two White was afflicted with a disintegrated vertebra in her spine as well as painful pressure on her spinal cord.

Two White was born at Catty Shack Ranch on June 16, 2004. She and her sister Khala Hala are the offspring of BJ and Skywalker. Her name reflects a distinguishing characteristic at birth – she had two white whiskers whereas Khala Hala’s whiskers were all white.

Two White was a great favorite of many Ranch visitors. She rolled on her platforms and on the ground, enticing all to watch her antics and compare her to perhaps their beloved black cats at home. Her loud raspy “happy cat” noises frequently called to everyone who passed by “Hey, look at me. I’m the most exquisite black spotted leopard you’ll ever meet.” She flirted and talked to her volunteers yet could hiss and spit as her mood instantly changed. We loved her sweetness and her feisty-ness.

The decision to euthanize any of our residents is never easy. But once the extent of her condition was revealed in an MRI at the University of Florida, no viable solution existed. A long painful recovery and uncertainty of a positive outcome ruled out any surgery. Prior to the MRI, we had tried other options including a stem cell transplant, Adequan injections and pain management to give Two White the quality of life she deserved.

Rest in peace, beautiful girl. May you enjoy rolling in green grass with sunlight highlighting your awesome spots. We love and miss you, Two White. You truly were a most exquisite black spotted leopard.