In Loving Memory of Apache

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 4 COMMENTS


On Thursday February 25, we said goodbye to Apache, one of our beloved cougars. He was almost 18 years old, having been born in July, 1998 and he had enjoyed life at Catty Shack Ranch since 2010. He relished the special attention loving volunteers gave to him. Many of us spent extra time with him, talking to him and enjoying his deep purring response. As with many wild animals, although he was aging and slowing down, he enjoyed life and ate well up to the very end and died peacefully in his sleep.

Apache had the most beautiful expressive eyes. Visitors and volunteers were captivated by his handsome face. He was a wise and calm presence in our cougar area.

Apache, you’re now free to rest in peace. Close those big beautiful eyes and know that you are dearly loved and very much missed, special boy.


Your Volunteers


1 grace osborne

I adored him. He kept us feeling safe and relaxed at our first sleep-over while being honored to sleep with the big cats Some how his presence and soft cooing kept us feeling safer than sleep-ing at home. Such a gorgeous cat with those soft sage eyes. Love & kisses sweet Apache

2 Christine DiFiglio Braddock

RIP beautiful boy. You were given a second chance in life at Catty Shack and left this world loved and well taken care of.

3 Teresa Cummins

So sorry for your loss, and the loss to our community! He was beautiful! You can take pride in the fact he was well cared for in his later years!

4 Anonymous

He was truly very sweet snd fascinated by all encounters with us. I miss him dearly. He was much on my mind today.

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