Help Our Enrichment Team!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 0 COMMENTS


Here’s your chance to help our enrichment team! If you plan on visiting the ranch this week (for a Thursday Daytime Tour, Saturday Night Feeding, or Sunday Daytime Tour) bring a watermelon!

Our enrichment team will give out watermelons to some of our residents on Sunday, April 13 (which is also a great day to come visit)! If you are interested in watching the watermelon toss, plan on arriving close to our 1 PM start time…this will allow you enough time to receive a full tour before the watermelons are given out.

Our enrichment team plans and coordinates new and exciting “toys,” experiences, and other enrichments for all our animals every month. Watermelons are just one of the fun things our animals get to play with…we also give them pumpkins, blood popsicles, Christmas trees, boxes with treats, birthday “cakes,” and much more.