“Friends of the Cats” Business Spotlight: Lowe’s Home Improvement Store

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 2 COMMENTS

Lowe's SignIn early August, James Hines, the manager at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store at River City Mall, agreed to build a big “kitty kabin” for us. He, along with volunteers from the Lowe’s Heroes Program, spent many hours on weekends and during their days off to build this wonderful new kabin for our cats! It didn’t stop there – they also donated all the necessary materials, brought their own tools to complete the work and even brought a generator for the power tools. What an amazing group of volunteers!

Lowe's GroupThe kitty kabin is almost completed; all that is left to do is put on the bright “Lowe’s Blue” roof. We hope this roof will remind all our visitors of the generosity of this Lowe’s store, which certainly is a “Friend of the Cats.”

Visitors can see the new kabin and enclosure near Nyra and Tal when they visit the ranch. We’re still determining who will be the lucky residents – but no matter what, this kabin will be thoroughly enjoyed!

And if this building wasn’t enough, Jim and his gang built something really special – two firehose hammocks that are currently in Lex and Tamara’s enclosure! The used firehoses were donated by a local volunteer firefighter department and we are extremely grateful. Tamara has adopted this as her favorite resting place for a lazy afternoon!

Thank you, Jim Hines and everyone from the Lowe’s Heroes team, for everything you do for Catty Shack!

When visiting Catty Shack, we hope you get a moment to take a look at our “Friends of the Cats” board, highlighting all the businesses that have helped Catty Shack by donating time, services, and/or materials. Please help us in thanking them by using their services whenever applicable. If you have a business and are interested in becoming a “Friend of the Cats” or a corporate sponsor, please contact us.