Family Donates 19 Bowling Balls!

Saturday, May 31st, 2014 1 COMMENTS

Bowling Balls

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we had the pleasure to see some returning guests visiting from Connecticut! The Lynch family visited us last year during a conference excursion and decided they wanted to do something to help our residents. As a service project for their daughters, they asked people to donate their old bowling balls. They were extremely successful! Last weekend the family brought 19 bowling balls with them to the Ranch! The photo above  shows the girls with their bowling balls and our volunteer, Kurt.

See below for a blurb on how they explained their service project:

“Around this time last year, the kids and I had our first visit to this very special spot, thanks to the Significant Other Track of JS Conf.  While there, I noticed that the tigers had bowling balls to play with.  I asked Kurt if they ever needed more, as Rog and I both bowl in the ESPN league and the alley owner had just told us that people dump old balls in his dumpster. Kurt explained that if a ball cracks they can’t use it anymore because a claw could get stuck.  So, yes, they could always use more. Tonight, Kurt confirmed they were running low on bowling balls, so this came at a good time. The girls are thrilled they did something for the tigers they first met last year.  🙂  Totally worth driving 20 hours with a trunk full of bowling balls!”


Thank you so much, Lynch Family! We loved seeing you again this year and our cats love the bowling balls!