Catty Shack Welcomes Two New Residents

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 0 COMMENTS


ShaniPlease welcome our two newest family members! Earlier this month, Curt (our executive director), John (a volunteer), and Dr. Stuart (a medical volunteer) drove to a private zoo in the District of Columbia area to pick up two female lionesses that needed to be rehomed.

Shani, 12 years old (pictured to the left), and Mushada, 18 years old (pictured above), are now getting comfortable in their new enclosures and saying “hello” to all their neighbors. These sweet lionesses are a mother/daughter pair, but cannot be housed together. To make sure each has their own space, we’ve introduced them into separate enclosures near some of our other African lions – Tal and Nyra.

Come out to the ranch to see these new residents and hear them roar with Tal, Nyra, and Freddy!