Volunteer of the Month – October

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Every month, the Catty Shack Board of Directors decide on a Volunteer of the Month to give an extra special “thank you” to. Every one of our volunteers is special to us and we are thankful for all of them – without our volunteers, Catty Shack would not be where are today! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, check out our volunteer page.

The following is a spotlight on this month’s “Volunteer of the Month.” Enjoy!


LizName: Liz

When did you start volunteering at Catty Shack? I started volunteering in July 2012.

How did you start volunteering at Catty Shack? I first heard about Catty Shack through HandsOn Jacksonville, an online volunteer resource. I learned all about the facility and its residents on the fabulous Catty Shack website and knew I had to be a part of the volunteer team!

What has been your favorite moment(s) at Catty Shack so far? It’s so hard to pick a favorite moment because there are so many great moments, but it would have to be the first time I saw Sarah in her pool. She was almost completely submerged – her ears were flat against her head and just her two wild eyes peeped at me over the rim of the tub. She was stalking me! It was so wonderful to have that interaction with her and to see first hand a tiger’s playful spirit. I will never forget it!


Thanks, Liz, for everything you do at Catty Shack!

Tal’s Sedation Day

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 0 COMMENTS

Tal's Dental Cleaning

Tal and Dr. AveryMany of our guests wonder about how our animals receive their veterinary care – and here’s a great example! We have a great team of medical professionals that help us throughout the year with the medical care of our animals. In September, Dr. Heather Avery and Dr. Fred Stuart helped sedate Tal. During the sedation, Tal got blood work and skin tests done as well as had his teeth cleaned.

In the top photo, you can see Dr. Stuart assisting Kim while she cleaned Tal’s teeth and in the photo to the left, you can see Dr. Avery next to a sleeping Tal.

It’s Not too Late to See the Haunted Forest!

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Hallowen Scare Zone
CraftsPhoto Area
It’s not too late to come see our Haunted Forest! Only one day left – today, Saturday, October 20!! Join us all day, 1:30 – 9:00 PM, for views of all our residents, crafts and games under our tent, face painting, and a stroll through our Haunted Forest! It’s sure to be a great time.

Kids of all ages are welcome at our event…and don’t worry! At the end of your day with us, all kids get a bag of candy to go home with.

For our visitors that have children prone to being frightened, we suggest coming during the daylight, when the Forest and surroundings aren’t quite so scary. you also don’t have to go through the Haunted Trail if you or your child doesn’t want to…you can still do all our crafts and see the animals!

We’ll see you out at the ranch!

CarMax Work Day

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Catty Shack is run 100% by volunteers – that means all the work around the ranch has to be done by wonderful volunteers that are willing to give up their time so our animals can have safe and fun habitats! In September, we had a group from CarMax come out to help us around the grounds…thanks to Nathan Arrazate and his group, we got tons done! During their day at Catty Shack, they were able to build Two White and Khala Hala (two of our black spotted leopards) a new lounging platform, put the fence up around our large pond, grass was mowed, and a new tree limb was put into Skywalker’s (another one of our black spotted leopards) habitat!

We are so thankful they chose to spend a day working with us! Thank you, Nathan & CarMax! Below are a few pictures of their busy day.

If you have a group that would like to schedule a “volunteer day” with us, please contact us!


Haunted Forest Begins This Weekend!

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We’re so excited! There’s less than two days until our Haunted Forest event begins. If you haven’t made your plans to attend yet, make sure to check out the special event page for the Haunted Forest to get all the days, times, and details that you will need to know!

Did you know that our volunteers have been working on this event since the beginning of the year? And about a month ago, they started the task of going through all of our decorations – over 100 boxes, bags, and bins in total! Here’s a little peek at our volunteers getting ready for the Haunted Forest…

Haunted Forest Volunteers

Halloween Volunteers

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