In Loving Memory of Tal

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 4 COMMENTS

Tal        We grieve and mourn (and cry) whenever we lose any of our beloved animals. Some farewells are more difficult to announce and adjust to than others.

       Sadly, we said goodbye to Tal the lion on July 10, 2016. X-rays showed he had advanced stages of cancer in several areas and no treatment would have eased future suffering or provided the quality of life he deserved. The decision to let them go is never easy and the responsibility to make that determination is never taken lightly. Tal was about 15 years old and had been at Catty Shack Ranch for over 8 years. His larger than life personality endeared him to all the visitors and volunteers. He was our “Complaint Department” and our “Grumpy Old Man”.

       For much of his time at the Ranch, he lived with Nyra, our lioness with whom he was smitten from his arrival. They were a true royal couple. Visitors delighted in his menacing growl and lunge, warning us that she was HIS pride, belonged to HIM and we’d better leave her alone (or ELSE…). Children and adults jumped when he spoke in those terms. Everyone who attended a night feeding was treated to his after dinner roar, thanking us for his meal and comparing notes with Freddy. Daytime visitors enjoyed his response to an intriguing “roar” from out of sight in the woods. Nyra took care of him also. She lovingly stood guard over him as he awakened after necessary sedation. She thoroughly tested all enrichment toys and activities before allowing him to play with them.

       We know that his absence causes her grief also. Easing her sorrow, smothering her with love and keeping her spirits buoyed will help the volunteers heal also.


       As volunteers cleaned the enclosures, we were always reminded, in NO uncertain terms, that we were permitted to place Tal and Nyra safely away in their lockout dens and thoroughly clean their home only if HE allowed such and next time, the bribery fee was going to be MORE THAN two measly chicken pieces (OR ELSE…). There is nothing like a 600 pound lion delivering such a message at your face level (accompanied by warm lion breath and droplets of spit) to catch your attention!

       Tal, we love you and miss you dearly. We promise to take special care of your lady, Nyra. She will continue to bask in our love and enjoy phone books to shred and catnip claw breaker balls to bat around and demolish. You may now relax in a place when there is no rain to flatten your majestic mane, where your handsome face will continue to be admired and the sound of your roar carries farther than 5 miles.

Rest in Peace, Magnificent One! We love you


All the Volunteers and Nyra   

July and August Birthdays and Arrival Anniversaries

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 0 COMMENTS

July Anniversaries and Birthdays

Catty Shack Ranch is observing several residents’ birthdays and anniversaries in July and August. As we are so rateful to be able to care for all our animals, we try to celebrate everyone’s birthday and/or arrival anniversary. Even if we are not open to the public, they each get special treats (and extra loving thoughts) on their very own special day.

Al and Tucker, our cougar boys are 15 years old on July 14th. These handsome guys were once blue-eyed babies in spotted coats. We celebrate the July arrival anniversaries for Nero (in 2010) and Cody (in 2015). Nero, our largest tiger, has splashed and played in his pool since his arrival day. Cody the coatimundi has grown from a tiny baby into an ever-active entertaining acrobat.

On August 8th, Valeria the cougar will be 14 years old. She supervises Al and Tucker from across the aisle, often high up on her platform. The “Fluffies”, tigers Runty, Star and Sprout will be 5 years old on August 14th. They will enjoy a splashing good pool party. Spiderman the tiger will be 9 years old in August. He will tell you he’d love to smash a pumpkin or shred a phone book as he celebrates

Three of our animals came to Catty Shack Ranch, their forever home in August. Tamara the tiger arrived in 2000. She chuffs and seeks attention from all the volunteers. Sarah, the tiger who greets you at the entry to Tiger Row arrived in 2009. Many of us call her “Sweet Sarah” for a reason. Tippy, our silver fox, arrived in 2013. She runs around and digs burrows in our fox enclosure. Ask her what a fox says!

Come visit our animals soon and bring your personal greetings to these special celebrants.

Happy Birthday Al, Tucker, Val, Runty, Star, Sprout and Spiderman! Happy Anniversary Nero, Cody, Tamara, Sarah and Tippy! We love you!

We Need Your Daily Vote! Help Us Win!

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Catty Shack Ranch has again been nominated to participate in Pet Paradise’s “Life is Short, Make a Splash” giving back campaign!

First prize is $10,000. Second and third place award are also available. Last year, through your support, we won a special prize of $1,000.00. We’d love to claim first prize this year!

To help us win, we need your daily vote between now and July 31. Encourage all your friends to vote for us every day too! Only 1 vote is allowed per person per day. Votes are cast on Pet Paradise’s Facebook page.

Here’s the link to the voting page:

Please help our animals win – vote today and every day (through July 31)! Sprout (the tiger) knows you can make a bigger splash than she does in her pool!

Vote! Vote! Vote! Splash! Splash! Splash!

June Birthdays and Arrival Anniversaries!

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June Bdays and Anniversaries

Catty Shack Ranch has several birthdays and arrival anniversaries to celebrate in June. Two White and Khala Hala, the black spotted leopard girls turn 12 years old on June 16. Their parents are BJ and Skywalker. They enjoy entertaining visitors and volunteers, happily rumbling and showing off their beautiful spotted tummies. Their flirtatious antics remind many people of similar behaviors of their own beloved house cats.

Czarina, one of our tigers will also turn 12 on June 27.  Her name means “princess” in Russian and she knows she is true royalty. She would love to have her own staff of volunteers to cater to her every whim. She was born at the Ranch and her mother is Nokia.

Cody, our mischievous coatimundi, celebrates his 1st birthday in June (date unknown). We recently moved him in with Callie, our other coatimundi and there is never a dull moment in her life now. Imagine what fun he’d have with a (human) birthday cake with all its icing!

June 12th marks the 14th anniversary of the arrival at Catty Shack Ranch for four of our residents – Nyra, BJ, Skywalker and Binky. It was a major undertaking to be able to offer these four special cats the safe, loving, forever home they deserve. Nyra is our regal lioness, frequently basking in the sun on her hammock. BJ and Skywalker, the black spotted leopards survey all of “Tiger Row” from their elevated perches. Binky is our … Binky (no additional description required!), a well-loved, amusing tiger. He always makes everyone smile.

These honorees will all feast on special meat cakes to celebrate these happy events.  Along with all the residents, they receive loving care every day of their lives.

Happy Birthday Two White, Khala Hala, Czarina and Cody! Happy Anniversary Nyra, BJ, Skywalker and Binky! We love you!

Wednesday Night Feedings Continue!

Thursday, April 21st, 2016 0 COMMENTS


Catty Shack Ranch is excited to announce that we will continue to host alternating Wednesday night feeding events! The April dates are April 6 and April 20.

The crowds are a little smaller (for now) and this is the perfect opportunity for midweek out-of-town visitors to watch our cats make 600 pounds of meat disappear quickly.

The gates open at 6:00pm with the feeding beginning at 7:30pm. Last admission is at 7:15pm. We encourage you to arrive before 6:30pm to benefit from an educational tour and introduction to our residents and to have time to enjoy the animals and be in place before the feeding frenzy begins. Admission is $15.00 for visitors ages 12 and over, $10.00 for kids ages 3 through 11, 2 years and under admitted for free.

Note that the Wednesday events are NOT every week.  Please consult our website or Facebook page for exact dates.

The cats are hungry! Come watch them eat!

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