April Roar N’ Snore Recap

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 0 COMMENTS

April Roar N Snore
April Roar N Snore width=April Roar N Snore

Yulee TargetOn April 20, about 60 people came out to Catty Shack to camp out under the stars (and next to the big cats)! The day may have started out a bit rainy and muddy, but it brightened up quickly. After setting up their campsites next to various habitats of our lions, cougars, tigers, and bobcats, all visitors got to enjoy a dinner under our big tent followed by a night feeding of all our animals.

The evening was rounded off by our huge bonfire…complete with s’mores! Since our animals are nocturnal, visitors listened to them “talk” to each other throughout the night as they tried to get some sleep. Our Roar N’ Snore ended the next day with some breakfast for everyone and a little more time watching the cats before it was time to pack up.

You can find all the pictures of the April 2013 Roar N’ Snore on our Facebook page or on our website!

Were you one of the guests camping with us this past April? If not, don’t worry – you’ll get another chance on November 23-24 to enjoy the Roar N’ Snore!

We would also like to say a big “THANK YOU” to the Yulee Target store that came out early April 20 to help us get ready for the Roar n’ Snore! We appreciate everything you did for us.