Board of Directors

The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary Board of Directors was established with an eye for a variety of professions and backgrounds, yet with a common love for all animals. Each member shares the belief that all exotic animals in captivity belong in caring, loving environments. They believe The Catty Shack Ranch can fulfill that need for so many of these animals. All members volunteer to help educate the public about Catty Shack Ranch, the residents, and our mission.


Curt LoGiudice
Executive Director/Curator
Curt LoGiudice began working with exotic animals in 1982. He acquired his state license in 1984 and his federal license in 1992. In 1994, he joined “The Florida Panther project” as their representative in Jacksonville for educational presentations about endangered panthers. His passion in caring for exotic animals has continued to grow from personal experience and training with a variety of animal experts. He also is an active member with the state exotic animal community and regularly attends Fish and Game Commission meetings in Florida. In addition, he works closely with the USDA and state officials when accepting new animals from previous owners. Most importantly, he has earned the respect of the animals in his care through dedication, love, and kinship.


Donald LoGiudice
Vice President
Donald LoGiudice is a licensed real estate broker in Ohio and Florida and is Curt’s father. He currently lives in Ohio but visits the ranch often and hopes to move to Jacksonville in the future. When visiting the ranch, Donald can often be found greeting visitors, helping in various activities and making sure everything is running smoothly.


Jennifer Altman
Veterinarian Technician & Handler
Jennifer Altman is Curt’s daughter and was a veterinarian technician with Jacksonville Animal Care and Control. She has been involved with the care and welfare of Catty Shack’s residents her entire life. With her background and experience with the cats, Jennifer is an invaluable asset to the Ranch and our residents.


Dr. Fred Stuart DDS
Dr. Fred Stuart DDS is a dentist from California who donates his time and materials for the care of our animals. He has extensive knowledge of the animals in residency here at the ranch. He also continues his life’s work with exotic animals with some of the larger animal organizations in California. Dr. Fred has been involved with Catty Shack Ranch for over 10 years, visiting us every 3-4 months to help maintain the health of our residents.


Evin LoGiudice
Evin LoGiudice is Curt’s son and has been involved with the care of the animals throughout his life. His rapport with the animals is only surpassed by Curt’s, and can often be noted by Freddy’s joyful bounce to see him. Guests will often see Evin helping with the night feedings and walking throughout the Ranch to make sure all residents are happy.


Nikki Preede Kimbleton
Nikki Preede Kimbleton’s constant involvement with advertising and fundraising on our local television station has made her an obvious choice to help continue the Catty Shack mission! Throughout the past years, Nikki has been an essential part advertising Catty Shack, especially for our special events such as the Roar N’ Snore. Nikki’s love of our residents can be seen the first time anyone meets her. Even one of our residents received her namesake: Nikki (previously our “Pink” cub)!


Dr. Heather Avery DVM
Dr. Heather Avery DVM is our head veterinarian and offers great insight into the health of all our animals through regular exams and various procedures. She graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University in May 2009. In May of 2011, Dr. Avery joined Coastal Veterinary Hospital on Beach Boulevard to offer her services for family pets (including birds, reptiles, and more!) Her passion for our residents can be seen every time she comes to the ranch and works with our animals – thanks to her help, we can make sure our residents stay healthy and happy!